That’s a Wrap!

That’s a wrap of filming for #americanninjawarrior!

It’s all a blur, filming overnight, trying to sleep during the day, plus a west coast time zone haha. But it’s always so fun to be there, seeing everyone again, if only for a few days. I never take enough photos with people and then the next thing I know we’re all saying our goodbyes and headed home all over the place.

We filmed this year on the Universal Studios Hollywood backlot and it was a lot of fun. If they would allow me to wander around that place I could get lost for weeks.

I’m so grateful to be a part of this ninja family. Love you all.

It’s always an amazing time and I’m excited to see how everything comes together. This year Greenville has 5 competitors, Brett Sims, Bob Reese, Ryan Stratis, JB and myself. I can’t share any results yet but say tuned for more info on air dates! Enjoy the photos below!

🙏✌️❤️ #BootieBandwagon

American Ninja Warrior Southeast Qualifying

Hey friends, the time is here! The southeast ninjas traveled to Tacoma, Washington back in April to film the qualifying rounds for this season of American Ninja Warrior, and our episode airs TONIGHT (Monday, June 21) at 9pm/8c on NBC. Tune in to see how we did!

I’m constantly amazed and grateful for the opportunity to compete and to be a part of this ninja community. If you’d like to get your kids or yourself involved in ninja obstacle training, simply search for a ninja gym in your community. There are so many gyms popping up around the country these days tailored to this kind of training, and it is hard to find a more positive and supportive group of people to be around. A good source to check out is Good luck!!

And if you’re in the upstate SC area, come visit us at MOTIVE School of Movement!

Miami Qualifying Post-Run Thoughts

Thanks to for hosting my qualifying wrap-up article.

Watch American Ninja Warrior June 13th!

ANW10 Promo1

Alright friends, here’s your reminder!

If you want to see some Bootie flying around on your TV (and who doesn’t??) watch an all-new American Ninja Warrior this Wednesday, June 13th, at 8/7c on NBC. This will be the Miami City Qualifying course, where the top 30 will advance to the Miami City Finals with a chance to also advance to the National Finals.

We filmed this back in April, and the big question everyone wants to know is, how did I do??? Well, you’ll see it all in HD video on Wednesday, June 13th, at 8/7c, on NBC. Check your local listings.

So set your DVR, put it on your calendar, write it on your hand, or do whatever it is you do when you need a reminder. Thanks for your support!

Now, here are a few ways to stay informed with all things ninja: is the official fan site where they publish all kinds of behind the scenes goodies.

You can find American Ninja Warrior on youtube with exclusive clips and videos at Ninja Warrior YouTube

And here are all our other official social media sources: