That’s a Wrap!

That’s a wrap of filming for #americanninjawarrior!

It’s all a blur, filming overnight, trying to sleep during the day, plus a west coast time zone haha. But it’s always so fun to be there, seeing everyone again, if only for a few days. I never take enough photos with people and then the next thing I know we’re all saying our goodbyes and headed home all over the place.

We filmed this year on the Universal Studios Hollywood backlot and it was a lot of fun. If they would allow me to wander around that place I could get lost for weeks.

I’m so grateful to be a part of this ninja family. Love you all.

It’s always an amazing time and I’m excited to see how everything comes together. This year Greenville has 5 competitors, Brett Sims, Bob Reese, Ryan Stratis, JB and myself. I can’t share any results yet but say tuned for more info on air dates! Enjoy the photos below!

🙏✌️❤️ #BootieBandwagon

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