“Mercy Now” audio available

Mercy Now Artwork smI believe we each have the power to affect and change our Universe through our actions, no matter how small. Even the smallest acts can often grow to have larger impacts. Such is the case with things like mercy. We each need and deserve some degree of mercy from others, and we also each have the power to create and give mercy to others. Think about what it feels like for you to receive mercy, and then consider helping to make your small corner of the world a little better by sharing some mercy of your own where you can. It can be as simple as initiating an apology or the letting go of a grudge. It can be given to someone in a grocery store line, a fellow driver on the road, someone in your community or almost any situation of conflict or need. Not only will it positively impact someone else’s life, watch what it does for you and your Universe.

I was introduced to this song a few years ago and was struck by its simple message and plea for mercy in our broken lives and world. Originally written and recorded by Mary Gauthier, I have performed it a few times in various settings, and it has always been well-received, so I cranked up the studio and spent some time making a good recording.

I’m happy to announce that “Mercy Now” is now available at the links below, and may also be found on streaming outlets like Spotify, Rhapsody and Deezer, etc…

Thanks for your interest! Enjoy and share!

Download from CDBaby
Download from Amazon
Download from Google Play
Download from iTunes

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A live performance of this song is available here.

Don’t steal music. “Mercy Now” Copyright Mary Gauthier Songs, License LPL055228

3 thoughts on ““Mercy Now” audio available

  1. What a perfect time to introduce your rendition of Mercy Now. That’s what Easter is all about, God’s mercy through Christ’s sacrifice, free for the asking.


  2. i love dont let go so inspiring
    and thats is what i call music
    and thats coming from a 10 year old
    i saw you at my school i was the one who asked whoe long youve been doing anw


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