“Mary Did You Know?”

“Mary Did You Know” (arr: Brown/Cothran)
Composer: Mark Lowry and Buddy Greene
Bootie Cothran, guitar & vocal
Ryland Brown, piano
Will Dodson, recording engineer

I was set to sing this song this past Sunday in church, and was rehearsing on the Thursday before when my friend and colleague, Ryland Brown, came in and spontaneously added some piano to it, and it was amazing, mainly because he’s awesome like that. Ryland couldn’t be there for the performance on Sunday, so we got together yesterday and recorded it a few times. We did four takes in the studio trying to get a good, clean sound with individual tracks for the vocal and instruments, but it just felt too “sterile”, even with adding reverb and other effects. So we went into the big room (with the REAL piano) and just played it together and it worked so much better that way. This was our first take. I think it’s best with a decent pair of headphones.

I’ve always omitted the original bridge and replaced it with the ending of the 1st verse, I think, because I originally couldn’t duplicate it, vocally, and just got used to doing it this way over the years.

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6 thoughts on ““Mary Did You Know?”

  1. Wow!!! Boogie, thanks for sharing the new version of “mary did you know” for I loved the added ryland piano. I play it over and over. You are both so talented and we are so lucky to have you on our lives. I hope I can get a paper copy for Chappell to learn on his guitar. Love you both, Joan

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