Don’t Let Go

This song came out of my recent American Ninja Warrior adventure in Orlando. My favorite songs are the ones that end up writing themselves – they just sort of come out on their own, from somewhere inside, and this one was no different. I wasn’t trying to write a song at the time, I was just picking on my guitar one day in early summer and this groove started coming out, and then these lyrics started coming out, so I followed where it took me and this is what I ended up with.

It’s titled “Don’t Let Go”, and it offers a glimpse into what was going on in my mind as I was running the course, but it’s about more than just that. It’s about not letting go of our goals and dreams, being unafraid to fail, using those failures as motivation to overcome our obstacles, and about hanging onto whatever figurative “rope” you’re hanging onto in life for just a little longer.

100% of the proceeds of this song will go directly to support my ninja friend Kenneth Niemitalo and his wife, whose new baby girl is dealing with some expensive health issues, so please share this post, spend an easy dollar and let’s help a brother out!

This song is dedicated to the entire ninja community, and everyone out there who is reaching for their goal or hanging onto their rope. Don’t let go!


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Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Güira:  Bootie Cothran
Drums, Bongos:  Ryan Harper
Sound asst:  Will Dodson
Camera:  Peyton Mills, Richard Saad
Mt. Midoriyama Stage 4 Photo:  Jimmy Bogle
Additional video:  NBC

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