Man vs Machine 2016

When it’s cold outside, it’s easy for most of us to just turn up the thermostat on the wall a few degrees if we need to. But many people in our community struggle to keep their homes warm, either because of financial hardship or because they live in an older home that is drafty and poorly insulated, making it inefficient and expensive to heat.

So on Saturday, February 27th at Noon, at the front lawn of First Baptist Church in Greenville, I will face off in a battle against a 20-ton hydraulic log splitter in our 3rd annual event to see who can split the most wood the fastest, all to help folks who need assistance heating their homes.  There will be great food, plenty of friends, and exciting competition.

Donations can be made in person at the event, or online at

Please share this post or the video below with your friends. I hope to see you there!

Thanks to First Baptist Church of Greenville, Nicholtown Missionary Baptist Church, and Osteen’s Coal and Wood in downtown Greenville.



One thought on “Man vs Machine 2016

  1. Bootie, Thanks for the info on your ManVs Machine contest. We will look forward to it. Also, I don’t remember if I responded to your piece on “Wounded Knee”, but I thought it was great! I’ve not read the book, but have always felt like the Indians were cheated and taken advantage of. I agree with you. Mom

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