Man vs Machine 2015


I’m not a fan of the cold.  Winter has its positive aspects, but mostly those involve things like hot chocolate and warming up by a fire – things that involve escaping the cold outside.  Sure, playing in the snow is fun, but if not nearly as much if you have to come inside to a home without heat.

Maybe there was an emergency or an unexpected financial burden.  Maybe the house is old and drafty which makes it costly and difficult to heat.  Maybe home improvement expenses are just not able to be covered because eating or finding a job comes first.  Maybe even poor decisions were made.  We all make mistakes.

Regardless of the reason, there are some members in our community who could use a little help, and here’s a fun and easy opportunity to do so.

At Noon tomorrow (Saturday, January 31) at First Baptist in Greenville, SC, I will battle it out against a 20-ton hydraulic log splitter to see who can split the most wood the fastest, all to raise money for those who need help heating their homes.  There will be food, fellowship and fun, so come hungry and join us for lunch and enjoy the competition!

I hope you’ll be able to join us there, or donate online!


Live television promo:


WHAT: WOOD SPLITTING contest for charity
WHEN: Saturday, January 31st at High Noon
WHERE: The Front Lawn of First Baptist Church, Greenville, SC. 847 Cleveland Street, 29601

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