How Does Your Garden Grow?

Tomato Plants

Hey everybody, it’s time to get your garden going. If you haven’t started one yet you’re a little behind, but it’s certainly not too late for this year.  One of the main things I bring back from my trips to Cuba is a renewed energy for growing food. It is a very spiritual thing.

It’s about a direct relationship with the Earth, from which every living thing comes.  It’s about getting your hands dirty with Nature, experiencing real life instead of buying it from a shelf.  It’s about growing new life among the compost of death, from the same creative energy in you and me. It’s about becoming more self-sufficient, less reliant on someone else to feed you.

It’s about sitting down to a meal and appreciating better where it came from and what it took to make it possible. It is experiencing the “table before us.”

John Shelby Spong says, “if God is the God of Life, and I believe God is, then God is in every living thing.” I think so, too. And the closer we can get to it, and the more involved we can become with it, the better.

There is a beautiful garden outside our comfortable walls.  It’s good to get back to it.  Go out, get some good dirt, a tomato plant, cucumber, okra, squash, or whatever you like and plant it, water it, care for it, and watch it provide good food and fulfillment in return. Good luck!!


4 thoughts on “How Does Your Garden Grow?

  1. Amen, Bootie! Don’t know if you saw my post on FB about my Sunflower and Zinnia seeds I planted a few weeks ago, but they are emerging! Didn’t plant any tomatoes this year…for the past 2 years, they have developed Mildew/Root Rot, in which they will produce a plethora of green tomatoes, but then slowly start to mildew, which stunts the growth of the whole plant 😦 I’ve tried everything…any insight?


    • I missed that post but I’ll look it up. Hmmm… I’m certainly not an expert – Not sure if this is applicable but it seems like I’ve read somewhere that tomato plants don’t like pine needles for mulching, so if you’re doing that, you might try something different. Otherwise, I’d refer you to a local nursery for your tomato problem!


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